To properly run a flawless supply chain for your products, a company should have modern, hygienic and state-of-the-art Warehouse, Land and Sea Reefer Transportation Fleet, Integrated IT System, etc. which definitely are a huge investment in Time and Money to have.

Kiat Ananda Group already has all facilities needed to bring the best of supply chain services to their Customers. These facilities are 100% owned, managed and operated by our group of companies.

So why bother to make investment, operate and maintain all that facilities while you can have all of those at your convenience?

7 Mega Cold Storage and 11 depos warehouse located in strategic cities in Indonesia regions such as Jakarta, Bekasi, Surabaya, Denpasar, Medan, Padang, Palembang, Pontianak, Makasar.

With capacity of more than 150,000 pallet positions, our warehouse have multi-chambers with customized temperature capability, which can be tailored to suit customer requirement.

Cold Storage

A Fleet of 700+ (and counting) Refrigerated Trucks with capacity ranging from 2 to 20 tons, 6 to 40 m3 are at your service. We can even provide customized truck to meet your specific distribution needs.

Committed to give the best customer experience, we use only the best brand and quality of Trucks and Refrigeration Equipment.

Reefer Truck

A Fleet of 350+ (and counting) Refrigerated Containers, with variant of 20 ft and 40 ft, Standard / High Cube and special Ultra Freeze (-70°C) Reefer Container ready to serve your purpose.

For quick and simple Cold Storage setup, these Containers are also available for use as Portable Static Cold Storage.

Brand New Container using Daikin Reefer equipped with Hot Gas Technology, give better protection to your goods.

Reefer Container

Our fleets are equipped with 24/7 GPS Monitoring System, tracking not only Location but also Temperature.

This enables us to have Real Time Monitoring on delivery activities, a key element in providing On Time and On Temperature delivery service.

Real Time Monitoring System

Connect your company’s ERP or system of choice to our Warehouse Management System.

This will make data collection, validation and processing a lot more efficient and much faster, saving valuable time and resources.

ERP Integration

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